Beastmen is a broad term used by the Young Kingdoms to refer to all of the native monstrous humanoids who display animal-like characteristics. There are many different species that fall under this category. While they are often found working with other types of beastmen, it isn’t unheard of for the different tribes to be at war with each other, too.

Gnolls are a species of humanoid hyenas who settle in small packs of 8 to 12 Gnolls, usually led by a particularly large or vicious Gnoll Chieftan. Gnolls seem to have developed leatherworking and iron smithing, but their armorcraft falls far short of that of the Kingdoms.

Large, furry humanoids known as Bugbears are often found among the ranks of the other tribes. Solitary by nature, they form no societies and have no crafts of their own, but their mercenary lifestyle often allows them to be equipped with quality weapons and armor.

While no one knows how they came to be, many varieties of animal folk have been seen in the Young Kingdoms. Among the most common are Goat Folk, Lizard Folk, Rat Folk, and Wolf Folk. While all are sentient, they have differing levels of civilization. Rat Folk, for instance, live in large societies that produce and trade various crafts and textiles. Wolf Folk on the other hand, rarely settle anywhere and produce no lasting buildings, and very few even make or use clothing or tools.


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