Steel Templars

The Legacy of Kings




Ser Castus Bel of the Dilligent Order
The Dilligent Order embodies the virtue of persistence, never forsaking their orders in the face of adversity or overwhelming odds. Ser Castus, and other knights of his order have been known to go weeks away from hearth and home, thinking of nothing but the completion of their tasks.

Ser Kellen Brey of the Order of the Wise

Ser Kellen and his order seek knowledge above all else. Learning of all things martial, natural and philosophical, these knights are tremendously knowledgeable. They should never be mistaken for bookish weaklings, however, as their education takes place primarily on the battlefield. Ser Kellen’s battle tactics have gained much renown, and his many victories speak as plainly as any text.

Steel Conscripts of the Militant Order
The oath of the Steel Conscript:
I am born to kill, judge and condemn
I am born to win, slay and maim
I am born to live, fight for glory
I am born to die

Steel Templars

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