The Black Tooth Grin

Freeblades of Crewe's Moor


With the backing of King Marek, Ulrik Blacktooth and his band of merciless killers have brought the various peoples of Crewe’s Moor under the iron rule of their New King.



Urlik Blacktooth
Once the ruler of a large barbarian tribe, Urlik Blacktooth swore his blade into the service of King Marek shortly after the signing of the Accords. Some say Marek offered him vast quantities of gold, while others contend that the idea of slaying many monsters and men was enough to sway his loyalty. Whatever the truth, Urlik is a fierce warrior, and a worthy foe.

Mialla Morningbrook
Mialla was recruited out of the Crewe’s Moor dungeons, where she was being held for murdering 14 people in one day. When questioned about her motives she replied: “Small town, not a lot to do in the evening.” While clearly a maniac, her specific set of skills has served the Black Tooth Grin very well.

Galen Knightflame
Gort Gristlehelm

The Black Tooth Grin

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