Daughters of Mirador

Noble guardians of the Celestial City


The Daughters of Mirador roam the land, seeking converts to Mirador, the descended celestial, collecting treasures to gild His hall, and destroying any who are unworthy in His eyes.

They are made up of noble women, chosen to spread Mirador’s incandescent grace by the use of guile, might and mystical will.

Gana, High Priestess of the Healing Spring
“And so His first daughter shall guard His holy light and deliver truth to the unbeliever.”
The High Priestess is the first daughter, bearer of Mirador’s word and mission. She seeks ever to convert His enemies by dominating their spirits and forcing them to act out his will. Failing that, she casts His holy radiance into their midst, burning sin from flesh.

Tristas, Champion of the Wall
“And lo, there will be one who rises above all to defend His wall and spread wide His merciless hand.”
The Champion of the Wall is chosen from Mirador’s most faithful fighting daughters. A tournament is held, its trials consisting of feats of strength, daring and unsleeping vigilance. The Champion is sent beyond the Wall; the rest are sent to fuel the Healing Spring.

Winnow, His Whirling Fury
“His anger will rise and manifest in the whirling blades.”
Occasionally, the spirit of Mirador descends upon the unwilling. That daughter becomes a vessel for his aspect. His Whirling Fury is the manifestation of his quick temper, graced with great skill, but doomed to a short life.

Semiune, Voice of Damnation
“His voice will be echoed on the lips of the worthy.”
All who proselytize Him carry a spark of divinity. Semiune rose from the ranks of Honored Proselytes to be the bearer of his word. With it, she brings favor and speed to her allies, doom to her foes.

Honored Proselytes
“Protect thy sisters and ye shall come to be seated at the table of His vastness.”
Those devoted daughters who sacrifice all to proselytize for His glory are allowed to give their lives to the protection of the High Priestess and her company. Seldom do they make the long ascent to earning a name and position in his vanguard.


Mirador the Celestial lit upon the mortal lands and formed a city of Himself. There He houses His flock with an all-seeing eye, dealing vengeful fury to any sinner, wastrel or trespasser.

Having gained utter control within His vast circular wall, the Celestial City now turns His gaze to lands beyond. There, He sends His council, chosen from the noble houses of Mirador, consisting of the cleverest and fittest daughters of the City.

May His light envelop the world.


Daughters of Mirador

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